Human Capital Development

**Human Capital Development App** :-

It is a tool for
1. Human Resource Managers to find training providers
2. employees to look for career advancement
3. trainers to use it for their businesses in Malaysia and
4. any one who needs to energizer with energizers and games

The Benefits of using this App
☞ more than 100 training providers available in Malaysia to choose from
☞ training providers available from Kedah in the North, right down south to Johore, and to Sabah and Sarawak in East Malaysia
☞ training providers available from the private sector (sole proprietor to PLC), Institutions and Government Bodies
☞ it caters to various industries’ training requirement (from general to specialized industry such as oil and gas) as well as training for hobbies such as floral arrangement
☞ resource materials such as articles, videos, quotes on Human Capital are included
☞ checks on job vacancies are available
☞ a list of Human Resource Forum is accessible for you to join and learn
☞ some energizers including games to lighten up the training sessions are available
☞ QR and Bar Codes scanning facilities as well as special effect on photos are also available

☆The best part is that this App is ★ FREE ★ and costs you nothing.

☆Thus, you are cordially invited to download this app now to help you increase your productivity.


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